Sunday, 18 March 2012

Plan for the next few weeks for our teaser 'Stalked'

The deadline for our teasers is getting closer and closer, therefore it is of paramount importance that my group and I are very organised.

Firstly on Monday I hope to finish my poster and website. I have finished them both on Photoshop, I just need to upload them both to my blog, and then embed the teaser to my Photoshop website.

Following this, on Wednesday we are re-filming at Highgate woods (our original location) we need to re-film Seth approaching Maya and Amy again, followed by more shots of the three together, so that the audience gain more insight to the teaser, and are generally more scared.

My group and I will then book the muse for editing, as the deadline is vastly approaching. After this we hope our teaser will be even better, and hope to get more feedback.

I will also be editing my poster and website throughout the week and the following week, to ensure that it is up to a high standard.